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The bag is made from water-repellent fabric and can be closed with a top cover. The strap runs along the bottom of the bag to give it an extra support for heavier games. The strap size is adjustable, so it can be carried in the hand or even on the shoulder.

Outer part: Water-repellent fabric (the top and bottom parts of the bag are 100% PE, patterned fabric is 100% PES + PU)
Lining: 100% cotton

The top and the bottom parts of the bag are blue, and the strap is selected to match this blue color. The patterned fabric is decorated with red - blue - beige shapes on white background. The bag lining is white or beige.

Two modifications have been made to the bag. The wooden buttons have been replaced with plexiglass for eisier washing and we added a patent on the side part to help locking the bag. 

Internal dimensions: approx. 32x38x12 cm

Capacity: approx. 13-15 pcs small board games or 2-3 pcs big board games. In the product photos you can find photos about board games which fit inide the bag. (You can find more product photos on the red bag product page.)

Strap adjustability is approximately 48-93 cm.

We recommend hand wash or machine wash at very low spin speed with up to 30°C temperature water.

Do not clean the bag with chemicals or blech, because they would damage the fabric.
Minor dirt can be wiped off with a weth cloth.

Thumble drying is also not recommended. During the drying and ironing we recommend the lining pulled out.

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