About us

It was a cloudy autumn day, when we first had the idea to buy a laser cutting machine. Kitti was raging as she couldn't find the perfect decoration for our wedding. She checked a lot of webshops and called most of them, but none had the perfect wooden heart. Then she finally found a small store in the middle of nowhere, but they only sold different size of hearts, so we bought a lot of packages to start digging them up for similar ones. We still have the ones not used in our shelves. Then we saw an article about an American company selling small laser cutting machines. Kitti sent the article to Tamas (back then only her fiancé), and together we decided to make decorations for others' wedding.  

This is our short story of how the project was born. Of course this was not without problems. The following year we received the machine and we fried the AC adapter in the first try. So in the first month we had to find local support. 😄 But we were not worried as we have started designing our products, and prepared the webshop

After a short time we felt that the wedding decoration is not our real goal, we wanted something different, other products, and a different store. Then we looked at our small collection of board games (6 games all together), and specially the box of Blood Rage. Let's make an insert for it! And the initial feedback was that people loved it. 

This is where The GiftForge actually started it's journey.The wedding and other decorations was fastly replaced by insert, followed by board game accessories. And now we have decorations, bags, board games, card sleeves, coin capsules and many-many more. 

Furthermore we are happy to be involved is some wedding as well, returning to the beginning. 😊

And for the future, our main goal is to continue the creation of high-quality products that you enjoy and love. We also would like to grow, so that The GiftForge can be the workplace of others as enthusiastic as we are. 

For up-to-date information visit our Facebook or Instagram page, sign up for our newsletter (you can found it on our main page). Our Youtube channel has the newest videos about our products and hope we can meet personally soon!