Product categories and details

It is prohibited to copy or sale any of the webshop's products without the owners permission!

Board game inserts, dice towers, player boards, challenge boards, wooden boxes, 1st player markers, wooden tokens, markers, resources holders, token holders, card/deck holders, tile holders, miniature holders, decorations, book nooks, coasters, seasonal products, paint racks. etc.

 This category includes all products that we make, from design to manufacturing. The materials are mostly birch and poplar, sometimes treated with a wood stain or paint for the products related. Thickness is approx. 3-4 mm. For dice towers, dice trays and other products covered with or supplemented by felt, we use handmade felt. Plexiglas is also used as an additional material for some products.

Board game bags, draw bags, elastic box bands.

This category includes all products that we designed, but is created by our partners. Mostly textile products are included here, where we try to choose materials with the highest possible cotton content. The exact fabric, washability and other information for each product can be found on the product page.


Board games, puzzle boxes, puzzles, coin capsules, stickers, card sleeves.

This category includes all products that are neither designed nor manufactured by us. We are only involved in selling the product. The material, manufacturer or publisher of these products will be indicated on the product page.



The product(s) we produce for a board game are mostly not official accessories. All products and brand names are trademarks of their rightful owners and are in no way affiliated with The GiftForge.

If you see on the side of a product that it is officially licensed, it means that the product has been produced with cooperation and that we have been granted permission to use graphics, logos, etc.

In the case of retail products, you can find information on whether or not the add-on is official on the manufacturer/publisher's own website.