Book Nook - Magical library


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Library themed book nook for your bookshelf? Why not! ;)

The back wall of the product is decorated with bookshelves above and below the gallery. The two side walls are have images created by AI, the gallery features an Armillary sphere and the desk is stocked with your favourite books. But wait! What else is under the gallery?!

Two torches provide lighting, and the secret area under the gallery is illuminated by the light of phoenix.

Material: wood and acryl.

The sign (on the front of the Book Nook) is in english.

The coloured parts have been painted with wood stain, so there may be a difference in shade between the webshop picture and the finished product.

The lighting is part of the product and runs with 2 pcs of AA batteries. Batteries are not included in the packaging!

Size: 12,6 cm x17,3 cm x 25,4 cm.
The product size is compatible with bookcase and kallax shelf sizes too.

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