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About the game

BOOoop. is anbstract strategy game for two players. Every time you place a kitten on the bed, it goes “boop.” Which is to say that it pushes every other kitten next to it one space away. Line up 3 kittens in a row to graduate them into cats… and then, get 3 cats in a row to win.
And now, things just got boopier and spoopier -
with NEW Ghost Cats that float between the spaces. And so scary, cats will leap right over each other to get away!

Players: 2
Age: 10+
Playing time: 25-35 min
Language dependence: no necessary in-game text
Complexity: easy
Year released: 2023
Publisher: Smirk & Laughter Games

1 pc fabric game board
8 pcs black kittens
8 pcs black cats
8 pcs white kittens
8 pcs white cats
1 pc purple ghost kitten
1 pc orange ghost kitten
1 pc english rulebook

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