Reviving Kathmandu + Senior Architects expansion


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About the game

Reviving Kathmandu is a bidding and set collection game for 1-6 players. In the game, players are builders who travel to Nepal. They’ll compete to earn the title of Most Respected Architect in Kathmandu.

Bid on construction materials (cards). Then collect those cards and use them to build the most prestigious Buddhas, Shrines, Stupas and Pagodas (“Monuments”). You’ll score points for your monuments, for achieving special objectives, and for paying special attention to color. The architect who achieves the most points will win the game.

   - base game: 1-6
   - senior architects expansion: 2-6
Age: 6+
Playing time: 20-40 min
   - base game: no necessary in-game text
   - senior architects expansion: some necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet
Complexity: easy
Year released: 2023
Publisher: Lemery Games

Base game:
60 pcs blue cards
50 pcs red cards
6 pcs reference cards
10 pcs mission cards
24 pcs point markers
30 pcs coins
4 pcs player boards
1 pc playmat
1 pc first player marker
1 pc pouch
1 pc dice for solo mode
1 pc rulebook

Senior Architects expansion:
6 pcs Architect cards (orange)
10 pcs public goal cards (white)
10 pcs advanced mission cards (teal)

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