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Arkham Horror (3rd edition)
Arkham Horror (3rd edition) - Dead of Night
Arkham Horror (3rd edition) - Under Dark Waves
Arkham Horror (3rd edition) - Secrets of the Order

Material: birch wood.
Lid lift: A investigator and map tile holder will lift the lid of one of the boxes.
This product does not require assembly.
Tested with premium sleeved cards.

The insert is designed so that it can further be upgraded to include future expansions. The package gives place for the current available base game + expansions. Upgrades will be available for customers who already own a previous version of the insert.

Insert size: 28,5 cm x 28,5 cm x 6,7 cm. (for every layer, the insert consist of 3 layers)

Please note that the box size can vary due to different manufacturing or earlier/later edition of the game. The sizes of the box that we used during the designing process is displayed on the product page. To make sure that the insert fits properly please measure your own box and if you need further information please contact us.

The product is manufactured after receiving the order.

To find more information about the manufactured and in-stock products visit this page. If you would like to know more about the manufacturing and shipping times, then look around here.

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Customer Reviews

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José Arteaga

I'm very glad I made this purchase because it's even better than I expected. I especially liked the moveable parts, which I didn't expect, and the fact that you can rearrange all the assembly to your needs and liking. There's space even for my coin-capsule wrapped mythos tokens (not in the intended box, but, well, I can use that for other things).
And with all the expansions packaged into the insert, I think there'll be plenty space for another major expansion in the future (if any, which seems doubtful nowadays). 
To summarize up great product, the advertisement doesn't do it half the justice it deserves.