Read before use it!

Dear Customers!

Thank you for choosing us and purchasing our product. We want to be as environmentally friendly as possible so you won't find printed instructions in the box. You will find every information that you need (packaging, use of product, return, etc.) online. If you have any question please contact us!

Our laser cut products are made of birch wood. Because of the characteristics of the wood, it can become fragile due to high temperature. For this reason it is not recommended to store the product with direct sunlight and high temperature. Try to avoid contacting the product with water or any chemicals because they reduce the life of the product or damage the surface.

Our wood products, natural or painted (with stain/acrylic paint) are produced with a laser cutting machine. Due to the production technology the edge of the wood becomes darker and burnt after the cut, and spots may appear along the cut because of the smoke. This is not mean that the wood or product is dirty, just that the raw material reacted to the laser in this way.
In addition, there may be some differences in the lower layers of the wood, which may come to the surface during cutting or engraving. In these areas the colors of the cutting or engraving may differ. 

Our fabric products belongs to this category. We choose and buy the materials for these products, and the production is done by our partners. You can get more information about the materials and washability of these fabric products on the product pages.

You can find more information about the material of our retail products on the product pages.

The product categories and their products can be found HERE.

For every product order by direct quotation from us or on our webshop you have the right of withdrawal for 14 days from the day of receiving. Right of withdrawal can not be validated in the following cases:

  • product was not used as intended,
  • product has any customization that was predefined with the manufacturer.

For more infromation please visit the Terms and Conditions page.

In all cases we read the review submitted for the purchased product, and after then we publish them. (If nesessary, we respond to it.) Therefore your feedback will not be visible immediately.

We don't publish reviews that contain insulting, disparaging, false information or obscene words. It is also a disqualifying reason if you submit a review without having purchased from us, as we only publish feedback after verified purchases.

Reviews are made in text form, but you can attach images or video next to it. We are unable to publish a feedback containing an external file-sharing link, as we cannot continuously check the specific folder where the files are uploaded. We publish reviews containing other links if the content of the link is related to the product, or it comes from a professional website that is authentic and verified (e.g.
The image/video attached to the review must be related to the product. If you upload product photos taken by other companies or content that is not related to the product, we will not be able to publish the feedback.

We mostly use 100% environment friendly filler when we packaging our products. It is very important for us to use a filler that is not only good for the nature but has other beneficial characteristics as well like:

  • Protects the product during transportation.
  • Completely biodegradable as it is made only from pine tree.
  • Reusable (box filler, decoration or nesting place for birds)
But there are some products for we use bubble wrap, paper-based filler, etc. The boxes we use are made of recycled cardboard and we use paper tape to close the boxes.